DATA   1500

Spring 2024

These 26 final projects were built during the first offering of Data Visualization & Narrative at Brown’s Data Science Institute, taught by Reuben Fischer-Baum.

Filip Aleksic

on Water polo dominance

Jonah Bernstein-Schalet

on Wildfire chemistry

Maximilien Boucher

on Hate groups

Hamzah Chamdia

on Seoul’s air quality

Ethan Drake

on New England power generation

Elizabeth Duchan

on Global deforestation

Daniel Fiume

on Police surveillance

Herbert Gaxiola Lopez

on World Cup winners

Ava Glazier

on Maternal mortality

Daniel Graves

on Great Basin hydrology

Jesse Hogan

on Brooklyn libraries

Farinna Izquierdo

on Miami’s walkability

Zoey Katzive

on Rhode Island’s housing crisis

Lena Kim

on Olympic hegemons

Shreyas Mishra

on Indian child brides

Maxwell Moody

on Working from home

Evan Moore

on Bitcoin’s rise

Sanjana Murali Krishna

on Apple’s carbon footprint

Himanssh Pettie

on Electoral bonds schemes

Pradyut Sekhsaria

on [Secret dataset, sorry]

Zach Sickles

on Coffee colonialism

Anushka Srivastava

on Darién Gap migrations

Kiera Walsh

on Brown concentrations

Jessica Wan

on Zoos: Good or bad?

Selina Wang

on Cattle → Deforestation → CO2

Poom Yoosiri

on Warming Argentine croplands